Our Selection

Dabar Brut Champagnè

Pioneer champagne-method bubbly from chardonnay and pinot noir. Generous brioche aromas with lean, elegant baked apple fruit.

Dabar Sauvingnon Blanc

A pale straw coloured wine with tinges of green. This wine has a nose of asparagus and green pepper complemented by a green apple finish. The mouth-watering flavours are complemented with a wellbalanced acidity on the palate.

Dabar Pinot Noir

The wine has an enticing perfume nose of spices and died wild flowers. The palate is meduim - bodied and velvety soft with exotic flavours of black fruit, spices and forest floor.

Dabar Shiraz

A sensuous, soft textured, elegant wine with white pepper, pimento and cinnamon spice on the nose. Following through to the palate where the sweet red fruit and savory notes end in perfect harmony.