Our Wine Maker: Rianie Strydom

Rianie Strydom

Rianie Strydom, a highly qualified and motivated winemaker in Stellenbosch. With her skills and commitment she is a welcome addition to the Dabar team.

At a young age of just 14 she already knew that she will follow her passion in winemaking. Loving science she never regretted her choice as wine maker.

Rianie started her career in 1991 as a the student and it took her just a mere 7 years to achieve chief winemaker in 1998 and control over her own vintage wich in it self poise a fair amount of elegance.

With international experience in counties like France and Italy Rianie are able to create the World Class Champagne's and Wines that in itself are highly recomendated all over the world.

With Rianie as Dabar's Chief Winemaker we can be assured of the best quality, elegance and taste in all our wine selections.


Her energy and ability in wine making speaks largerly in her career highlights:

  • Achieving the firts 5-star rating wine in 1995 - Morgenhof Premier Selection 1995
  • Trophy for the best Cabernet Sauvignon at Old Mutual show 2003
  • Starting the Dombya and Haskel range of wines
  • Winning the Tri-Nations and becoming a Cape Winemakers Guild member.

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